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DKTV | Steve Boden has already began planning for next season

Steve Boden will take over the Head Coach role from the end of the season and has already began preparations for the 2020/21 campaign.

The former Doncaster player is looking forward to the challenge of stepping into the Head Coach position.

“It is a move i feel i am ready for in my career, it is a role that excites me, i have a strong connection with the club and obviously spent a lot of time here as a player.

The facilities that we have here are probably what excites me the most.”

Steve has wasted no time in getting organised and prepared for next season as he is already planning for pre-season and recruitment.

“I’ve looked at how we are going to structure pre-season, the basics parts of that i have started to have a look at.

Recruitment wise, obviously we have guys here that are out of contract, so we have to talk to those first and off the back of that we can start to look at recruitment for next season.”

Having previously coached at Jersey Reds and Yorkshire Carnegie, the 37-year-old is now looking to step of his comfort zone and challenge himself in the new role he will begin in May.

“It is at a stage i am ready for, i am human i make mistakes and hopefully i make a lot right, but it is a new challenge, i always want to push myself, it is new to me and i am really excited to take on the role.”

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