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Doncaster Phoenix President’s Welcome

Doncaster Phoenix’s new President, Paul Curzon (right in picture, alongside former President Billy Farley), has penned an open welcome letter to all supporters ahead of the 2023/24 season.

It reads:

“After well over 20 years involved the club, this summer sees me take up the role of the President of Doncaster Phoenix RUFC.

“Handing over to me is a friend, player and executive committee colleague Bill Farley who has loyally served the club well for many a year now in various roles and I know I will be able to draw from his experience in my new role.

“I look forward to my new role as President as I hope I can continue to help provide all our members, players and supporters along with their families a Rugby Club that is a good place to be around and where we can enjoy attractive rugby and have good fun.

“Thank you for your continued support to Doncaster Phoenix RUFC at Castle Park.”

We wish Paul and Phoenix all the best in their preparations for the new season.

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