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Holden and Margetts on Knights Debuts

Maliq Holden and Joe Margetts both made their Doncaster Knights debuts during the 37-5 victory over Richmond at Castle Park on Saturday.

On full-time, both debutants – who scored a try each – gave some quick thoughts on the special occasion and moving forward with the season.


Maliq Holden

How does it feel to say you’ve scored a try on your debut?

“It’s been a tough six or seven weeks, not getting in the team, so I was made-up when I got given the start this week but then to score, and score so early, it was a bit of a nerve-settler. I’m just really happy we’ve got the win as well because that means we’ve got the five points that we came for.”

How important is a solid training week before a performance like this?

“I think Bodes said on maybe Thursday or Friday, if we got the win this week it was because of the lads that weren’t selected. It’s been a crazy week – there’s been backs hitting forwards’ mauls and all that kind of craziness – and it’s kind of brought us all together. We needed a reaction after the Ampthill performance and I think we got that in this game.”

Do you think this will give you the momentum you need to push forward into the rest of the season then?

“It’s a building block but I think we’ve still got a lot left in us. We’ve spoken about it – if we’re going to beat teams like Pirates, Ealing and Hartpury, who we’ve got in our next few games, then we’re probably going to need to be a bit better. But I do think it was an improvement on last week, which is what we’re looking to do every week.”


Joe Margetts

That’s possibly the textbook way to make a debut – score a try and get the win – so how did it feel?

“It feels really good. I think I’ve waited quite a while to get that. To finally get the run out this week was good, so to get the try is just a bonus. I’m buzzing.”

It was a determined training week for the squad, so did you know this kind of performance was possible?

“Yeah, we had a tough week. After Ampthill, we had to come back from what was a pretty poor performance from us. So, I feel like the tough training sessions really gave us the chance to go out and get this win the way we did.”

You’ve now got a bye week before you push on into the rest of the season – do you think performances like this really help to keep the momentum?

“Yeah, I feel like we can definitely get better. We’ve just said as a squad that we can get loads better than this performance. Against the likes of Ealing and Hartpury away, we’re going to have to be better. It was still a huge performance to go forward on though.”

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