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Live on BBC Three Next Monday – Watch Dan’s Storey

Live on BBC Three Next Monday at 9PM, The Human Tissue Squad – Featuring Dan Storey


Doncaster Phoenix’s very own Dan Storey has had his injury issues in the past, but ‘The Human Tissue Squad’ part one is live on BBC Three tonight highlights revolutionary ways the injuries can be treated and how it can turn at person or athletes life and career around. Dan will feature in part two of the programme on Monday 8th September at 9PM.


Here is what Dan Storey had to say about his journey:

‘I had a meniscus transplant in the knee. Over the years I’ve had many operations on my left knee removing cartilage, ligaments even bone…. So because I’ve had it all removed there’s not much in my knee! Hence the reason for a transplant. The program is to make people aware of tissue transplants an donations, because it is the same as any other transplant, tissues are donated from the deceased person. This operation is quite rare, only a couple of surgeons in the UK do it. I had one in 2011 but it failed, so if this works after a year’s recovery (which touch wood it is doing)…. It will give me a much better quality of life. Ultimately I will probably need a knee replacement but with this op it could prolong that happening another 10 years hopefully!’


Live at 9PM next Monday, 8th September on BBC Three… Don’t miss it!



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