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Press Statement | Doncaster Knights, RFU & The Premiership

A statement has been made from the RFU with regards to Doncaster Knights, meeting and passing the Minimum Standards Criteria, regarding eligibility for promotion into the top tier of English Rugby, the Premiership.

 Doncaster Knights has met the Minimum Standards Criteria (MSC) and is therefore eligible for promotion to then Gallagher Premiership.  Promotion is subject to coming top of the Championship league at the end of the season and then winning a two-legged home and away play-off against the club finishing bottom of the Gallagher Premiership Rugby table.

Doncaster Knights was the only Championship club to apply to for a MSC audit and is therefore the only club eligible for promotion. 

‘Of course we are delighted to pass the RFU audit for the second year running, we are very proud of our facilities and the staff here constantly strive towards the best performance, no matter their role.’ – Emma White, Managing Director

The Championship Rugby league table can be found here:

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