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RFU Disciplinary: Maliq Holden, Doncaster Knights

The case of Maliq Holden, Doncaster Knights, was heard on papers by single judicial officer, Charles Cuthbert.

Holden was shown a red card by the referee in the first half of the match against Cornish Pirates on 23 March 2024. This was for a physical abuse, contrary to World Rugby Law 9.12 for forcefully pushing an opposition player in the face. Holden accepted the charge and was given a one-week suspension.

The player will miss the following games:
14.04.24 v Caldy

The full judgment is available here and an infographic available here.

For background detail on panel members please click here
For RFU Regulation 19 please click here.

For the sanctions table (RFU Regulation 19 Appendix 2) please click here.

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