The following rules will apply to the DRFC sports ground on the day of a Greene King IPA Championship home/cup match fixtures.  Any breaches may lead to offenders being required to leave the Ground.

All spectators will either occupy a stand seat or a place on the terraces depending on the type of entrance ticket bought.

  1. Spectators in stands should remain seated at all times.
  2. All gangways, emergency routes, exits and areas immediately in front of all stands should be kept clear, except for access and egress.
  3. No spectators should encroach beyond the boundary fence immediately adjacent to the playing area, except if directed in an emergency
  4. No animals will be admitted to the Ground
  5. No glass containers of any type are allowed within the Ground
  6. Spectators are not allowed to bring musical instruments within the Ground.  This also applies to any other items/instruments which could cause discomfort to other spectators or potentially affect their safety
  7. Children under the age of ten years should be under the supervision of an appropriate responsible adult at all times
  8. If spectators leave the ground during the match, their entrance ticket must be produced to allow re-entry.
  9. No offensive, violent, unruly or disruptive behaviour, whether physical or verbal, will be tolerated.
  10. Spectators are expected to comply with any reasonable requests made over the Public Address system, by the Ground Safety Officer and by Safety Stewards.
    • Do not panic
    • Listen to the instructions given to you by the Ground safety Officer and obey them immediately
    • Obey instructions given subsequently by Ground Safety Stewards
    • Do not attempt to drive away unless requested by the Ground safety Officer as this may inhibit the arrival and access of emergency services
    • The Meeting points are as follows:

Main Building, North Terrace, West Uncovered Stand – Pitch behind Main Building MP1

East Terrace, East Stand – Pitch behind the East Stand MP2

West Main Stand, West Terrace, South Terrace – Pitch behind South Terrace

Stadium Regulations PDF