In the beginning, there wasn’t much for the fans to shout about – a single pitch, two changing rooms and a small clubroom. But even the mightiest oaks start small.

In the following years, we added a second and then a third pitch, built eight additional dressing rooms, extended the original bar, created a gymnasium. As the club grew, so did the facilities. Before long, there was a second large bar, a grandstand and floodlights.

Castle Park: the modern home of the Knights

Today, we own our very own Castle (Park), a 22-acre site, four miles from Doncaster town centre. This state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility has been the envy of many a visiting team. We were especially proud when it was chosen as host venue for the Maori All Blacks vs RFU Championship XV in November 2013.

Changing the game for spectators

Mighty Entertainment is a must in a Doncaster Knight game. And with award-winning hospitality and made-to-measure spectator facilities, visitors to Castle Park are guaranteed an experience to remember.

Our £2.2m De Mulder Lloyd stand features spacious 12-person corporate boxes that can be hired on match days, or for a full season. These include catering by our award-winning Castle Park kitchens – serving up the best in home-cooked noshed, like our must-try Cow Pie.

On matchdays, spectators can also tuck into a 3-course meal at the Clubside Restaurant. Click here to reserve a table or individual place.

We also provide a number of individual suites, which can be booked for anything from company days out to private parties.

To find out more, call Joe Lowes on 01302 831388, or email

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Club records

Home Records

Highest Score For:
95 – 13 v West Hartlepool (National 3 North 2001/2002)

Highest Score Against:
3 – 65 v Bristol (Championship Play-Offs 2011/2012)

Biggest Winning Margin:
86 – 3 v Darlington Mowden Park

Biggest Losing margin:
3 – 65 v Bristol (Championship Play-Offs 2011/2012)

Away Records

Highest Score For:
72 – 33 v Scunthorpe (National 3 North 2001/2002)

Highest Score Against:
36 – 63 v Cornish Pirates (National 1 2007/2008)

Biggest Winning Margin:
57 – 12 v Wharfedale (National 2 2004/2005)
48 – 3 v Rosslyn Park (National 2 2004/2005)

Biggest Losing margin:
5 – 50 v Nuneaton (National 3 North 1999/2000)
10 – 68 v Bristol (Championship 2017/18)

Most League STARTS
(from period 1992/1993 to 2012/2013)

Steve Boden 195

Ngalu Ta’u 182

Chris Conway 177

Tom Davies 172
Mark Longworth 165
Glen Kenworthy 159

Simon Grainger 149

David Senior 146

Jon Elllis 146
Steve Boden 144

Chris Hallam 139
David S Fairclough 126

Bevon Armitage 126
Richard Senior 123
Simon Grainger 118
Simon Greenslade 113
Mike Bailey 107

Don Van Vuuren 107

Chris Planchant 107

Fastest Try in a Match:
8.13 seconds Tyson Lewis v Old Albanians (National 1 2013/2014)