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A final few words from the Boss…

“First and foremost, Saturday is game day. As a group, we can’t lose sight of that. There’s going to be a lot of emotion at the weekend with some lads playing their last game for the club and some lads retiring from Rugby all together, but the number 1 rule is that from minute 1 to 80, we’re there mentally, to put in a performance that is and always is required in a Doncaster Shirt.

That’s the minimum requirement, for the players leaving, for the supporters, and for everyone associated with the club., we’re going to go for it in this final game and afterwards, we can enjoy each other’s company one last time as a group as the lads will no doubt be off to celebrate the end of the season.

It’s business as usual, we will go for it with all we have for one last time, chase that positive result… it’s something that we owe to ourselves.

We know from right at the start of the season, what a top team Hartpury are and some of their recent results have really shown that and so we understand what we’re coming up against.

Thank you again for all your support, not only from me and the coaching staff, but from each and every lad who puts on a Knights shirt and gives it their all, week in and week out. We will see you back at Castle Park for the 2024/25 season”.

Joe Ford, Head Coach

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