Match day rewind | Knights vs Welsh 2009

He went on to be the Club’s most successful captain of the professional age but for tomorrow’s throwback fixture Michael Hills lines up against the Knights.

KNIGHTS | 15 Stevie McColl 14 Dougie Flockhart 13 Hudson Tonga’uiha 12 Bevon Armitage 11 Matt Williams 10 Ali Warnock 9 Chris Hallam 1 Stuart Corsar 2 Steve Boden 3 Ngalu Tau 4 Bryn Griffiths 5 Glen Townson 6 Adam Kettle 7 Simon Grainger 8 Andy Boyde

Replacements | 16 Tom Davies 17 Steve Lawrie 18 Michael Cusack 19 Glen Kenworthy 20 Matt D’Arcy 21 Chris Briers 22 Chris Planchant

LONDON WELSH | 15 Paul Sampson14 Dominic Shabbo 13 Neil Starling 12 Paul Mackay 11 Errie Claasens
10 Aled Thomas 9 Robert Lewis 1 Dorian Williams 2 Dan George 3 Michael Halford 4 Matt Corker 5 Matt Garvey
6 Jonathan Mills 7 Michael Hills 8 Nathan Bonner-Evans

Replacements | 16 Ben Gotting 17 Loren Ward 18 Mike Powell 19 Lee Beach 20 Nick Ranchman 21 Greg Evans 22 Marcus Watson

Ref Greg Garner

Crowd 1690

Match day rewind | Knights vs Plymouth 2011

 With the Knights now back training at Castle Park hopefully news of some fixtures may be on the horizon. 
Until then, continue to enjoy these throwback fixtures from seasons past – this weekend at home to Plymouth Albion in January 2011.

Knights | 15 Steve McColl, 14 Dougie Flockhart,13 Chris Briers, 12 PJ Gidlow, 11 Matt Williams, 10 Tristan Roberts, 9 Nathan Jones, 1 Stuart Corsar, 2 Steve Lawrie, 3 Michael Cusack, 4 Glen Kenworthy, 5 Dom Parsons, 6 Zack Farivarz, 7 Neil Cochrane, 8 Ed Jackson.
Replacements |16 Steve Boden, 17 Matt Challinor, 18 Lewis Thiede, 19 Latu Makaafi, 20 Andy Wright, 21 Ollie Goss, 22 Craig Hampson
Plymouth | 15 Kieran Hallett, 14 Ben Mercer, 13 Keri Fusilau, 12 Sione Tuipolutu, 11 Cameron Mitchell, 10 Alex Davies, 9 Tom Kessell, 1 George Porter, 2 Gareth Evans, 3 Ryan Hopkins, 4 Dan Collier, 5 Tom Skelding, 6 Sean Michael Stephen, 7 Rory Watts Jones, 8 Aaron Carpenter
Replacements16 Ruairi Cushion, 17 Steve Johns, 18 Fiona McLoughlin, 19 Robin Copeland, 20 Rupert Freestone, 21 Wayne Sprangle, 22 David Morton
Ref: Steve Lee
Crowd 1204


Duncan Maule

Today the club were informed of the sad news that Duncan Maule passed away on Wednesday 11th November.
Duncan played for the club in the late 1960s and early 70s and has been a keen supporter of the Club since.
Our thoughts are with his wife Linda and family at this sad time.

Academy update | Tyson Lewis.

Lockdown 2.0 has meant that until December 2nd rugby at a none professional level has returned Stage A on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap.

This means that the DRFC mini junior section and amateur senior sides have had to pause any competitive or formal rugby activities until, at least, the beginning of December.

The Academy have also followed suit, as although all members are enrolled students, the guidance in unclear as to whether training falls under their academic provision.

Academy Head Coach Tyson Lewis provides an update on how the Academy year has gone so far and how they are continuing to engage the squad despite the restrictions.

Having liaised with the appropriate authorities the decision to stop Academy training has been made?

Correct, we began training under the community rugby guidelines and following the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap around a month ago.

The organizing committees at British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) & Association of Colleges (AOC) have a targeted start date for us to be be playing some form of rugby by January.  As BUCS competition is not RFU governed the season has not been cancelled and we could end up playing under adjusted rules or restricted to regions but we’ll just have to wait and see.

We scheduled a pre-season programme around a January start and we started back just under a month ago, working on the boy’s fitness and skill levels but following the national lockdown we have now stopped but are monitoring the situation closely.

With all the unknowns of 2020 has recruitment been a challenge this season?

 This year has presented challenges for recruitment like it has presented challenges for everyone, everywhere and I know many people have had it much worse.

Overall we are pleased with the recruitment going into the season, we began before the virus really hit and we did everything we could to communicate with prospective students through lockdown and over the summer.

We have a total 49 boys split across the BUCS (+18) & AOC (16-18) and there are some really exciting players in the group.

We are just looking forward getting some rugby under their belts and seeing how they develop in our environment we have to be patient and stay positive that we’re back out there sooner rather than later.

Has the Academic year resumed for all students and are they all back in College now?

Yes & no, they are back studying for their courses but the Higher Education boys are following a scheme of blended learning with the majority of their first term modules being delivered digitally.

The younger (Further Education) students have a split between distance learning & physically going into campus for lectures.

How are you keeping the boys engaged & making sure they stay sharp while unable to train?

Every player has fitness programmes that they can do at home with limited or no equipment, these are updated weekly. We use apps like Strava for them to log exercise and promote a little bit of healthy competition and encourage each other.

They know the standards that we expect of them but they are a good group and are motivated intrinsically so we won’t have to crack the whip so to speak! I am confident that they will come back fit – some of the fitness scores posted after the first lockdown were really impressive and I’m hoping for the same in December.

From a morale and team closeness perspective, we are having weekly catch ups on zoom and trying to keep those entertaining and fun. For a group of young men, they are very understanding of the situation and while there are frustrations, from what I’ve seen so far, that’s being managed and the mood is positive and we’re all just focusing on January unless we hear different.

Match day rewind | Knights vs Bedford 2010.

The year is 2010, Martin Johnson is the England Rugby manager & Jonny Wilkinson is still part of the England playing set up.
The French won the Six Nations with Ireland finishing as runners up, meanwhile England’s current Captain was turning heads as a teenager for Bedford in the Championship.
The Knights got an early taste of Owen Farrell’s potential as he came off the bench and this weekend’s rewind fixture on it’s head in the final 14 minutes.

Knights | 15 Steve McColl 14 Andy Wright 13 Chris Briers 12 PJ Gidlow 11 Matt Williams 10 Tristan Roberts 9 Chris Hallam 1 Dan Frazier 2 Steve Boden 3 Michael Cusack 4 Glen Kenworthy 5 James Craig 6 Andy Boyde 7 Neil Cochrane 8 Ed Jackson
Replacements | 16 Tom Doughty 17 Lewis Thiede 18 Stuart Corsar 19 Dom Parsons 20 Chris Walker 21 Ollie Goss 22 Dougie Flockhart
Bedford Blues | 15 Ed Thrower 14 Johannes Schmidt 13 James Pritchard 12 Tom Bedford11 Ollie Dodge 10 Miles Dorian 9 Darryl Veenendaal 1 Lawrence Ovens 2 Joe Clark 3 Dan Seal 4 Paul Taipei 5 Sean Tomes 6 Alex Wray 7 Chris Goodman 8 Jackson Wray
Replacements | 16 Dan Richmond 17 Phil Boulton 18 Gregor Gillanders 19 Will Fraser 20 Will Chudley 21 Owen Farrell 22 James Short

Your name on our jersey.

Every person who donated towards this summer’s Crowdfunder appeal will have their name etched into this season’s home jersey.

Our fans are the fabric of our Club and as a thank you for your support during lockdown we are recognising every donator by etching your name into our 2020/21 home jersey.

Every person who donated should have had an email to confirm the details, so please check your inbox if you haven’t already.

If you have any questions please email Michael on


Steve Lloyd | My Yorkshire.

Club President Steve Lloyd is passionate about a range of subjects but few things more so than Doncaster Knights & his home County of Yorkshire. 

Yorkshire Post Journalist, and Castle Park regular, Guy Williams interviewed Steve for The Yorkshire Post magazine  to discuss our great County & find out his favourite Yorkshire things.

What’s your first Yorkshire memory?

I was born in the engineer’s house next to the pit gates of Kiveton Colliery, near Sheffield, where my father had taken up his first senior position as the mechanical engineer. He’d started as an apprentice fitter.

Both my grandfathers were Doncaster miners, so the coal mining life and community was in the blood.

My first memories were as a three or four year old playing in the field by the pit gate and sitting in the canteen with miners going on or off shift.

In later years, the house we lived in and the pit tip were perfectly visible from the M1 near Woodall Services. On the many times I drove on the M1 returning Yorkshire, the view of my place of birth evoked the feeling of being home.

What’s your favourite part of the county – and why?

I guess going into the Dales takes the prize. The towns, villages, views and beautiful countryside all produce a feeling of well-being and belonging. But we also love going to the Yorkshire Wolds and the Howardian Hills, places such as Castle Howard and Hovingham.

What’s your idea of a perfect day, or a perfect weekend, out in Yorkshire?

We are fortunate to have so many places to visit. It’s hard to choose, but I love the idea. An overnight stay in the Dales or the Wolds with good food, a log fire and a nice glass of something sounds perfect.

Do you have a favourite walk – or view?

In younger, fitter years, I did the Three Peaks Walk several times plus the White Rose Way –that’s 104 miles from Leeds to Scarborough. A rugby injury now restricts long walks but we love to saunter anywhere in the Yorkshire countryside with our two dogs.

Which Yorkshire sportsman, past or present, would you like to take for lunch?

I once played a round of celebrity/amateur golf with Lewis Jones, who was a great player in both Rugby Union and then Rugby League with Leeds. So Lewis is an honorary Yorkshireman. We chatted whenever we could, but Lewis’ straight game, with pipe in mouth, and my wayward hooks and slices took us in very different directions on each hole restricting conversation.

The schism between the two codes has now become history, so I would happily buy Lewis lunch to hear his tales and, hopefully, help me to improve the game I love.

Which Yorkshire stage or screen star, past or present, would you like to take for dinner?

In the late 1980s, I happened to be in the station buffet in Newcastle waiting for a train to Doncaster. On the table next to me sat Mr & Mrs Williams and their daughter, better known as Michael Williams, Judi Dench and their young daughter, Finty.

As I ate my lunch, I have to confess to earwigging their chat ranging from theatre work to family life.

I am a total fan of Judi, so I would love to take her out to dinner.

If you had to name your Yorkshire‘hidden gem’, what would it be?

There are so many hidden gems in Yorkshire making it extremely difficult to give them a rank. I’ve never found it which encourages me to keep on looking. In my student days, caving and potholing in the Pennines around Ingleborough, you came across many hidden gems.

If you could choose somewhere, or some object, from or in Yorkshireto own for a day, what would it be?

Probably the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster. You can gain so much pleasure from getting close to animals in such a well maintained park. If I had the Wildlife Park for a day, I would encourage children and adults to come and see how the various parts of the animal world adapt and manage to thrive.

What do you think gives Yorkshireits unique identity?

It’s a combination of several things: visual beauty in all its forms and I include past and present industrial areas and then you’ve got Yorkshire people producing a certain style.Much humour has been derived from us. You just have to think of Monty Python’s Three Yorkshiremen sketch.The accent and phrases define us and we should be proud of it.

Do you follow sport in the county, and if so, what?

As all those who know me would reply – rugby and more rugby.

Doncaster Rugby Football Club is my second home and passion . We are now the top rugby union club in the county after 30 years of rising through the national leagues.

We haven’t forgotten our roots. With over 600 people playing rugby each week – from the four year old through to the 60+ year old – it’s a place to make friends from all walks of life.

Do you have a favourite restaurant, or pub?

As far south in Yorkshire as you can get, the China Rose in Bawtry is a particular favourite of our family and friends. Whether it is a table for two or 20, this Cantonese restaurant is one of the very best of its type.

Do you have a favourite food shop?

In recent years, because we’ve a home near Ripon, we’ve spent more time in Harrogate, and Weetons Food Hall, overlooking The Stray, is a favourite haunt.

How do you think that Yorkshire has changed, for better or for worse, in the time that you’ve known it?

After the fragmentation of the county into metropolitan boroughs in the mid-1970s and the abolition of the East Riding and then its rebirth, Yorkshire became seemingly quite disparate. In recent years, however, the identity of the whole county – embracing rural, urban and industrial communities -has re-emerged. We can be stronger for it.

The pride in being Yorkshire folk should be embraced, but not in a xenophobic way.

If you had to change one thing in, or about Yorkshire, what would that be?

Satisfying a desperate need for a rugby union team in the Premiership which is the aim of Doncaster Knights and in football, another side along with Sheffield United in the Premier League.

At least one top flight club in each of the above sports would be a stepping stone to bringing back pride and aspiration to so many youngsters.

Who is the Yorkshireperson that you most admire?

Di, my wife – she keeps my feet on the ground.

My Dad, Ken, who, after going into business in his mid-forties, showed me how to combine hard work, ambition and empathy for others to achieve a satisfying lifestyle. My Mum, Elsie, played a massive part in that too.

Has Yorkshireinfluenced your work?

Absolutely. I started my business providing education for young people with emotional and behaviour problems in Doncaster in 1975 with a close friend.

At Hesley Hall we were totally involved with significant numbers of staff – good, honest and hardworking Yorkshire folk.

I have retired now, but I still notice, in these oppressive viral times, that same staff culture has come through where we care with a passion for those less fortunate in life.

Name your favourite Yorkshirebook/author/artist/CD/performer.

David Hockney is a much celebrated Yorkshireman and, although my wife and I love art, I didn’t particularly like his work.

However, on a trip to London, a friend took us to the Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy and I really loved David’s pencil drawings. In in the unlikely event of ever possessing one, I would happily give it house room.

If a stranger to Yorkshire only had time to visit one place, it would be?

Without doubt, they should come to Castle Park, home of Doncaster Knights.

You will be guaranteed a big welcome. You’d watch some hard fought rugby and enjoy the famous Donny Knights’ Cow Pie.

The stranger will no longer be stranger and will surely long to return.



Steve Boden | Rugby update.

It may be September but we are still waiting patiently for a rugby start date!

Head Coach Steve Boden updates us with as much info as he can on the latest squad developments.

Bodes also discusses Bomber Hislop going on loan to Saracens, the confirmation of those players leaving the Club this season and how the new-look Knights team will look to tackle pre-season when they do get the green light.

Introducing | James Kane…

The majority of the Knights squad are waiting patiently for the 2020/21 season to get going but new signing James Kane is back into it with Sydney Uni & in fine form in the Shute Shield.
James has his the ground running as his Sydney Uni side go after a third Premiership title having clocked up 69 points in his six games so far.
We caught up with James for an update & to hear his thoughts on moving to South Yorkshire.

Doncaster Knights vs Bedford Blues | March 2008

This weekend’s match day rewind comes from twelve years ago against long time adversaries Bedford Blues. 
In the starting XV for The Blues that day were two players that would go on to represent England. Interestingly, both players started this game in positions different to those in which they were capped.
In a slight change to the usual drill the link to this weekend’s fixture will be posted exclusively on on Facebook & Twitter just click the links at 14:30 on Saturday to be redirected.
Knights XV | 15 Anthony Carter, 14 Justin Bishop, 13 Brad Hunt, 12 Spencer Davey, 11 Donovan Van Vuuren,
10 Mark Woodrow, 9 Ben Jones, 1 Richard List, 2 Steve Boden, 3 Nagle Tau, 4 Lisiate Fa’aoso, 5 Glen Kenworthy,
6 Bryn Griffiths, 7 Simon Grainger, 8 Chris Planchant
Replacements | 16 Toma Toke, 17 Ben Phillips, 18 Tom Davies, 19 Luke Gross, 20 Oliver Cook, 21 Paul Bailey, 22 Cerith Rees.
Bedford XV | 15 James Pritchard, 14 Craig Moir, 13 Liam Roberts, 12 Tom Youngs, 11 Ollie Dodge, 10 Jon Elric, 9 Karl Dickson, 1 Alistair Lyon, 2 Dan Richmond, 3 James Graham, 4 Jon Phillips, 5 Arthur Brenton, 6 Mouritz Botha, 7 Sacha Harding, 8 James Lumby
Replacements | 16 Greg Sammons, 17 Bruno Fortuna, 18 Rory McKay, 19 Will Chudley, 20 Ben Pienaar, 21 Ben Patston, 22 Matt Allen
Referee | Greg Garner

Match day rewind | Knights vs Carnegie 2011

Tomorrow’s match day rewind sees Head Coach Steve Boden line up against Backs Coach Joe Ford in a classic Yorkshire derby. 

Knights XV |  15 David McIlwaine, 14 Dougie Flockhart, 13 Ollie Goss, 12 PJ Gidlow, 11 Michael Keating, 10 Fred Burden, 9 Chris Hallam, 1 Tom Davies, 2 Steve Boden, 3 Alex Brown, 4 Matt Challinor, 5 Dom Parsons, 6 Latu Makaafi, 7 Zack Farivarz, 8 Chris Planchant
Replacements | 16 Royce Burke-Flynn, 17 Jack Yeandle, 18 Glen Kenworthy, 19 Andy Boyde, 20 Michael Noone, 21 Michael Bateman, 22 Ben Toft
Carnegie XV | 15 Tommy Bell, 14 Michael Stephenson, 13 Ian Thornily, 12 Scott Barrow, 11 Peter Lucock, 10 Joe Ford, 9 Craig Hampson, 1 Mike McDonald, 2 Scott Freer, 3 Kane Palma-Newport, 4 Dan Hemingway, 5 Sean Hohneck, 6 Ryan Burrows, 7 Jacob Rowan, 8 Danny Paul
Replacement |16 Phil Nielsen, 17 Sam Lockwood, 18 Mohammed Mustafa, 19 Tom Denton, 20 Richard Beck, 21 Will Cliff, 22 Jordan Davies
Ref: Darren Gamage